Our services scope consists of 3 categories:

  • International trade
  • Marketing and selling oversea products in China
  • Sourcing Chinese manufacturers and purchasing products made in China
  • For international trade, please see page "Products" for detail.

    Marketing and selling oversea products in China

    Entering a new market for the first time, especially in a new country, can be a very time-consuming, challenging and risky experience. Cnac agents help oversea companies finds ways to reach their goads of entering the Chinese market by establishment of sale network and/or selling their products according to our market research, feasibility study and reality. We focus on the practical part.

  • Product/technology selling/promotion
  • Leveraging our already exist distribution network, we market our clientsĄ¯ industrial products, equipments and technologies.

  • Establishment and development of distribution network
  • For organizations want to start marketing and brand their products in China with limit budget, we can establish and develop a distribution network for them according to their/our sale strategies and our feasibility study.

  • Functional office/representative/agent/department in China
  • You donĄ¯t have to maintain expensive China office or network of manufacturing agents. We do that for you according to your disciplines. It functions exactly as your own office/representative/agent/department in China. ItĄ¯s extremely cost effective and risk free.

    Chinese manufacturers sourcing and products purchasing

    China becomes a major manufacturer of industrial products due to its low price and improved quality. But the diversity of products and culture, languages and business practices prevent oversea buyers from successfully purchasing what they really want.

    Our long experience in China means we know which goods in China makes competitively to international standards. We establish long-term relationships with oversea organization to supply them high quality and cost-saving goods from China. You can see us as your centralized purchasing command center in China. We do not get in the middle, you only pay us a service charge after you are happy with the sourcing result we have done.

    Working as partners with our clients, we can manage all aspects of the supply chain but we focus on the following parts:

  • You request a product, even for off-the-shelf or customized products.
  • We identify the most suitable manufacturers in China for your evaluation.
  • We control quality and ensure timely delivery with field trips.
  • You buy DIRECT from the best China manufacturer.
  • You pay us a commission fee.

    We can also provide services our customer requires.

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